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a spiritual intimacy song,
effective for entering into corporate or private worship


Lord You’re the center of my soul
Both my beginning and my goal
All that I am and all that I’ll be
Draws from the life You give me

You are my wisdom and my strength
On You in all I can depend
Once I was broken, now I’m whole
Lord You’re the center of my soul

(repeat to beginning)

You bring the meaning to my days
You are the purpose in my ways
Once I was empty, now I’m full
Lord You’re the center of my soul
Lord You’re the center of my soul



Peter Gringhuis    MP3 recording    Center Of My Soul

Ralph Merrifield    MP3 recording    Center Of My Soul

Johan Komrij    Karaoke Video with Vocal    Center Of My Soul

Johan Komrij    Sheet Music    Center Of My Soul

Johan Komrij    Karaoke Video    Center Of My Soul

Hiland Overgaard    MIDI arrangement    Center Of My Soul

Adrian V. Miller    Sheet Music    Center Of My Soul

Adrian V. Miller    MIDI    Center Of My Soul

Linda Macklin    MP3 arrangements   

MP3, with bells
MP3, with guitar
MP3, with everything
PDF Page 1     PDF Page2   
PDF  Page3

We sang your song this last Sunday along with some Mother's Day things. 
We also had a young man who played bells along with us.   I modified
the opening which we did in Spanish and it changes keys here and there. 
Thanks again.  You have some wonderful songs.
(Linda Macklin, from Idaho)


Video recording, church congregation (Kuwait)

Video recording, church choir (Kuwait)

Hindi translation, by Daisy Augustine (California)

Urdu recording, by Samson Daniel (Pakistan)

MP3 recording, by Peter Gringhuis (the Netherlands)

MP3 recording, by St. Ann's Choir (New Jersey)

Tamil translation, by Daniel John (India)

PortuguÍs (Brasil) Translation, by Daniel Borges (Brazil)   

Armenian Translation, by Hripsime Mkrtchyan (Armenia)  

Chinese Translation

Spanish Translation, by Jay Droz (Florida)

         Polish Translation, by Jay Droz (Florida)

MP3 recording, by a choir directed by Liz Van Heerden (South Africa)

Two choirs from Bishop Lavis, Cape Town ( South Africa) sent me
a recording of them singing seven New Hope Music songs!  Thank you !!!
Learn more about these South African groups...

Used by a church in Illinois

Used by a church in Nova Scotia

My name is Peter Day and I am the director of my own 
creative arts ministry here in New Zealand.

We write and produce Biblical musicals and are in the process
of writing a new musical called 'In the Shadow of Messiah', (based) 
on the life of David.  Most of the songs and script has been written, 
except for a few gaps which we are believing the Lord to fill.

I came upon your web site by chance over the Christmas / New Year break and
fell in love with four of your songs  ("Center Of My Soul", "Wait On The Lord"
"How Precious is Your Love" and "Search Me, O God")

... I am writing to ask if we could us these songs in our new musical.

(Peter, from New Zealand)

Hear this New Zealand recording


Cool to find our song "Center Of My Soul" mentioned in this story 
"Music Kept Her In Tune With God"

I began rejoicing immediately as the song ("Center Of My Soul") 
began to play and I felt the anointing of God all over me, 
guiding me into what I call "true worship".

The words and music are pure - from the throne of God and from a
heart & vessel that is humble and desires to please God.
( Linda, from New Hampshire)

"I love your site.. so up lifting.
I have downloaded "Bringing The Presence Of Jesus"
 as well as "Center of My Soul". 
I will sing each of them at my church one day soon..."
(George,  from Texas)

"Your song has touched the hearts of all of us here in 
Browns Mills.  I think I told you about Evelina....
she suffers from cancer and is fighting for her life.  
Your song has been her inspiration.  We made a tape for her 
and she plays it whenever she is undergoing treatments, or recuperating, 
plus in the car, and during moments of quiet.  
If no one else ever benefits from it, 
you have success with Evelina.   
It has given her strength to go on...."
(Ebba, from New Jersey)

As the only pastor of a small church, I struggle finding music
that is tasteful and worshipful.  I praise God that I found your website. 
I have used " Center Of My Soul" and " Bringing The Presence Of Jesus"
in my church, and they have been met with great response.  

Thank you, especially for the PDF files with the music notation.  I have a couple
of talented pianists, and this makes it possible to enjoy your music to the fullest.

Your spirit and generosity are exemplary.  I look forward to visiting
your site regularly to find all the “goodies” you put out there." 

(Pastor Starett, from

I am a Baptist Assistant Pastor's wife, we lost our firstborn (adult) daughter 
2 years ago. I am singing
"Center Of My Soul"
in church tomorrow night. 
("once I was broken, now I'm whole") makes me think that hymn 
was written just for me. Thank you and God Bless. 
(Arden, from California)



See a church singing this in Kuwait

Another Video from Kuwait


From 1986 to 1999, Rev. Wayne Anderson led a series of spiritual intimacy
seminars at Crossroads.  Among the topics covered were  "Abba Father"
"Grace, Faith and Focus" and "Silence, Solitude and Prayer". 
This song, and many others, were inspired by those teachings.


Copyright 1992, Ralph Merrifield (written 4/26/91)
New Hope Music, PO Box 1612, Westboro MA 01581

You have our encouragement and permission
to duplicate and share this song for all "not-for-profit" purposes
(ie. corporate worship, overheads, songbooks, web sites, give-away copies).
Please contact New Hope for other uses. Thanks !!!


Recorded on:     "Before The Coming Lord"
                          "Songs Of New Hope"