Encouraging people around the world since 1991 !!



Of all the songs I've written, 
none other seems to have touched the hearts of so many.  
Here are some of the emails we have received over the years.  
To God be the glory!  -  Ralph




I began rejoicing immediately as the song ("Center Of My Soul") 
began to play and I felt the anointing of God all over me, 
guiding me into what I call "true worship".

The words and music are pure - from the throne of God and from a
heart & vessel that is humble and desires to please God.
( Linda, from New Hampshire)

I played "Center Of My Soul" (the Real Audio version 
with you singing) to a Reverend of 150 churches.  
He cried like a babe,  confessing that God has been his strength and wisdom... 
He conveys his love to you and appreciation for your ministry and 
the realistic lyrics of the song... 
(Daniel, from India)

We are starting a new Women's Fellowship Night at church next week.... 
I asked the Lord for something fresh and new to share with the ladies.. 
The Lord led me to YOUR site and to "Center of My Soul" - what a blessing!
(Linda,  from Maine)

This month we are working at a camp in Mississippi that was hard hit by
Hurricane Katrina.  This week during our morning devotional time, one of
our SOWER couples gave us a beautiful new song to learn and that song was
"Holy, Holy, Holy" written by Ralph P. Merrifield of New Hope Music... 

This couple, Harry and Judi from Michigan, both play several
instruments (guitar, dulcimer etc) and have visited your web site and use
several of your songs. (
"Center of My Soul" and "When I Am Afraid")

She told me that one of her good friends plays "Center of My Soul" on her
autoharp and surely the angels rejoice!!!
(Carlie,  from SOWER Ministries)

The Lord led me to your site and I was able to use 
"Center of My Soul" and "You Are Awesome God!!".  
It was fun and a blessing to me and the women at the Bible Study.
(Barbara, from New York)

"My husband and I direct the cherub choir at our church (ages 4-7).
It is sometimes very difficult to find songs that are timely to our
worship services and also fun and easy for the kids to sing.
We have currently selected "Center of My Soul"  ...
the children love it and truly appreciate its beauty."
(Laura, from Pennsylvania)

"Your song has touched the hearts of all of us here in 
Browns Mills.  I think I told you about Evelina....
she suffers from cancer and is fighting for her life.  
Your song has been her inspiration.  We made a tape for her 
and she plays it whenever she is undergoing treatments, or
recuperating, plus in the car, and during moments of quiet.  
If no one else ever benefits from it, 
you have success with Evelina.   
It has given her strength to go on...."
(Ebba, from New Jersey)

 "...Back from camp and really had a nice time of fellowship with the many saints of God. On the final night of the whole program, there was a singing competition. Actually the people over there are interested only in Classical music and have no idea of light music. I was the only light music singer ("Center Of My Soul" in Tamil) among 2000 people. I bagged the third prize while first and second was bagged by Classical singers.  I was happy when people told me that the song was a complete meaning song for a meeting which is going to get over. Because "Center Of My Soul" has related words like -

Speakers need - wisdom and strength 
The coordinators  -
on you in all I can depend ( for a successful meeting)
 Converted souls -
once I was broken, but now I am whole - empty-full.

Challenged souls - meaning in days, purpose in ways.
For the whole of the program - 
The Lord was The Center of our soul 
both in the beginning and the end.

It was a new tune for everybody there. Dear Mr. Ralph, I thanked God 
very much for New Hope Music, for songs which are Pure for Sure with 
Quality and Quantity Spiritually. 

I am also requested to sing this song in a big wedding coming 21st evening. It was a request from the Bride's father. He believes that starting with this song will be the prefect start for my daughter's life. The bride also said that she is learning the song to sing it all through the life time. So I am going there with my 40 years old guitar, while I am only 20 years !! Pray for the couple and God might bring true meaning in there life... So Mr. Ralph, you have become one of my life pillars to stand for Jesus. I am continuing to pray for your ministry.  (Daniel, from India)


"As the only pastor of a small church, I struggle finding music that is tasteful and worshipful.  I praise God that I found your website.  I have used " Center Of My Soul" and " Bringing The Presence Of Jesus" in my church, and they have been met with great response.  Thank you, especially for the PDF files with the music notation.  I have a couple of talented pianists, and this makes it possible to enjoy your music to the fullest.

Your spirit and generosity are exemplary.  I look forward to visiting your site regularly to find all the “goodies” you put out there."  (Pastor Starett, from Indiana)

"The Lord directed me to this page today and what a blessing I've received. 
I'm a pastor's wife and have many trials at present. My sister is seriously ill 
and doctors offer little hope, my dad is unsaved and has cancer, and my 
unsaved mother has been ill with pneumonia/congestive heart failure. 
I have lupus so the needs are great and the stresses are high! 

But, when I listened to "Center Of My Soul" and 'Search Me, O God'
it was as if God wrapped me up in a big blanket and sat me on his lap. 
I've already phoned my husband who will be sharing this website with 
our worship leader tonight!   I bless each of you for your faithfulness to 
God's Word and sharing these songs with the body of Christ. 
One day we can all sing them around the throne."

(Mary Ann, from Oklahoma)

"My husband is a licensed clinical social worker and is developing 
a website to help his patients...  We have been searching for some time 
the perfect piece of background music to accompany his site.  
When we heard the "Center Of My Soul" we both knew instantly 
that this is the piece we had been searching for." 

"I just stumble on your site.  Awesome.  I found three (songs) so far... 
I had to stop, cuz I could be here all day.  Do you have these three on CD?  
"Center of My Soul", "Come To Me" and "When I Am Afraid"   
I love the words.  Awesome, Awesome.

Finally someone who understands that musicians need 
sheet music or chords to go with the words."   

(Remender, from

We want to perform "Splendor And Majesty", "Center Of My Soul" and possibly "If We Walk In The Light" at our annual Aboriginal Regional...  my little group is wanting to liven and modernize our music and improve the quality of our service... We feel it is so important for our young people.   (Robyn & Rongo, from Australia)

I am a Baptist Assistant Pastor's wife, we lost our firstborn (adult) daughter 
2 years ago. I am singing
"Center Of My Soul"
in church tomorrow night. 
("once I was broken, now I'm whole") makes me think that hymn 
was written just for me. Thank you and God Bless. 
(Arden, from California)

I introduced our praise music team to Center of My Soul a few weeks ago 
and to our congregation today. 
  (Bob, from Texas)

I've just logged on tonight and read the words to "Center of My Soul". 
I can't wait to hear it ...  What a powerful song 
and intimate expression to the Lord!
  (Sharon, from Canada)

Your songs are very praiseful...  
When I heard "Center of my Soul" it really touched me... 
I can download songs that can be used in our prayer meeting...
 I can share it with my friends to sing.  Mabuhay!!!  

(Jennifer,  from the Philippines)

The Easter service was really great; 
we sang
"Hallelujah, Jesus is Lord", "Center Of My Soul" 
and  "How Awesome Is This Place"...

I have been telling everybody about how I happened to find your site and the
lovely music one can find there for all situations in life.  
Your songs have helped us to be united with the Lord in a very special way.

(Pamela, from India)

I recently started playing guitar & singing for nursing homes & senior centers in my area & am always looking for a new song or two to bring to the folks.  I REALLY like  "Center of My Soul" ...  I will be singing & playing this song at our church picnic's talent show and may also do it as a solo at one of our church services"  (Linda, from New York)

This is one of the most beautiful worship songs I`ve heard in a long time!  
Thank you for sharing it with the world of worshiping people. 
(email from freepraisenadworship.com)

My name is Peter Day and I am the director of my own 
creative arts ministry here in New Zealand.  See our web site

We write and produce Biblical musicals and are in the process
of writing a new musical called 'In the Shadow of Messiah', (based) 
on the life of David.  Most of the songs and script has been written, 
except for a few gaps which we are believing the Lord to fill.

I came upon your web site by chance over the Christmas / New Year break and
fell in love with four of your songs  ("Center Of My Soul", "Wait On The Lord"
"How Precious is Your Love" and "Search Me, O God")

... I am writing to ask if we could us these songs in our new musical.

(Peter, from New Zealand)


This song has been sung by a Messiah College student fellowship, 
a worship team in Canada and
church choirs in Pennsylvania & New Jersey !!





Copyright 1992, Ralph Merrifield (written 4/26/91)
New Hope Music, PO Box 1612, Westboro MA 01581