Encouraging saints around the world for 15 years !! (1991-2006)

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Oh, starry sky


Oh, starry sky, O’er Bethlehem,

What glorious light descending!

Such rays as break, The shepherd’s night,

As they their sheep are tending.


Oh, shepherds blest, What Heav’nly voice,

Now on your ear is falling!

What message is, Too wonderful,

For all but angels telling?


It is the love, Of God above,

This joyful scene is bringing,

The glory of, Redeeming grace,

The Heav’nly Host is singing.


For unto us, In Bethlehem,

This day a Child is given,

He who is Savior, Christ and Lord,

All Mighty King eternal.


Come, all who for, Salvation look,

Behold this Infant tender,

Your gift now bring, As heart-chords ring:

True praise and worship render!


All of the Earth, The meek and poor,

Who love this Advent story,

Shall rise again, On that Great Day,

To dwell with Him in Glory.


Copyright 2005, Steven E. Anderson.
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