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Holy Father, I come before You
to adore You, lovingly behold You.
You are perfect, so pure and faultless;
I'm so unrighteous, yet still You call me.

Draw me nearer, please hold me closer:
in Your presence, my true home and shelter.
May Your Spirit help me see clearer,
the path that’s chosen for me to follow.




Johan Komrij    MP3    In Your Presence

Johan Komrij    Karaoke Video with vocal    In Your Presence

Johan Komrij    Karaoke Video    In Your Presence

Ron Tilden    MIDI    In Your Presence


Originally written in 1979.  Revised November 1-3, 2017,
while flying to from Chicago to Colorado
and staying at The Antlers Hotel in Colorado Springs.

This song was based on our 1979 song
"To Behold You"


Copyright 2017 & 1979,  Ralph Merrifield
New Hope Music, PO Box 1612, Westboro MA 01581

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to duplicate and share this song for all "not-for-profit" purposes
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