How Marvelous The World At Dawn!


How marvelous the world at dawn,

when darkness flees the light.

‘t Is then the birds new praises spawn,

to ev’ryone’s delight.

The dew does shimmer on the grass,

the lake still looks like glass.

The world awakens with a yawn,

each new and glorious dawn.


We praise our Lord, for He is good,

‘t is He provides our light.

Before the world in order stood,

He fashioned all with might.

And we, the people of His flock,

we know He is our Rock.

And ev’ry day we stand in awe,

while strength from Him we draw.


And as the day progresses Lord,

we’ll labour not in vain.

For we have You as Friend aboard

and can o’ercome each strain.

Today, and ev’ry day You give,

‘t is by Your grace we live.

Until, when all our work is done,

we’ll hear Your voice to come.


Adrian Vermeulen-Miller

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