Hinder Not My Little Children


“Hinder not my little children,

send them on to Me.

They will enter in My Kingdom,

joyous and carefree.

You too must believe like they do,

for their faith is great and true”.


Have the faith of little children,

He will hear your pleas.

Our’s is not to judge or question,

praise Him on your knees.

Just be humble, ever contrite,

He will make your burdens light.


Jesus is our Benefactor,

Saviour and true Friend.

With Him we may live forever,

praise Him without end.

Life with Him is ever joyful,

glorious and meaningful.


Jesus, we are truly grateful,

praise Your name in song.

For we know that now and ever,

we to You belong.

Guide us daily as we serve You,

share our joys with others too.


Adrian Vermeulen-Miller

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