As A Tree

An Easter Hymn


Our Lord, the Master, He arose again.

Tell mankind the story: He arose again!

Death could not imprison,

Christ, Godís only Son.

He lives now in glory

and will ever reign!

His is the glory,

honour, praise His Name.

Tell the world the story:

Ďt Is for us He came.

Yourís is the glory, Yourís and Yourís alone.

Over death victorious, now upon Your throne.

Angels now are serving,

You, our risen King.

Yourís is all the glory,

Godís beloved Son.

Your death and suffíring,

victory has won.

Evermore are living,

deathís sting now is gone.

Tell evíry nation, He will come again.

Evíry generation: Heíll be Ruler then!

He will come in glory

in the clouds on high.

Yes, that is His story,

time is getting nigh.

We must be waiting,

to Him praises sing,

while anticipating

our dear Lord and King.


Adrian Vermeulen-Miller


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