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Encouraging saints around the world since 1991 !!!




A great way to learn (and perform) 
our songs is by watching karaoke videos.  


Johan Komrij (from the Netherlands) has created
close to 500 Karaoke video files, and has also
translated a number of our songs into Dutch.
Thanks for opening up the world of karaoke
to our web site visitors, Johan !!!


New Hope Music
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"I finally managed to find time to check out the Karaoke ...
This is the coolest thing that could come my way.  God has
really blessed some saints with lots of talents.  
This is particularly perfect for me since I do not have much
knowledge about music scores." 

(Liz, from South Africa


 What a wonderful site! I am working with the children's mass and... 
 found two songs I would like them to sing.   The Karaoke to 
"Center Of My Soul"  is lovely and will be used for meditation.

 (email from Norma)



"I  would like to encourage people by sending you an example of a song I recorded,
just simply at home using my computer and a microphone. An audio file will exactly sound the same
wherever you play it, midi is different. I have to admit that playing a midi-karaoke file on an average
computer may sound rather poorly. My computer contains an extra sound card to make
it sound better. Loading soundbanks into it improves the sound even more. Connecting a keyboard
 to the computer and playing the sound through your keyboard will significantly
increase the sound and is the best option

I loaded the midi-karaoke version of Michael Jester of Ralph Merrifield's song
"I Am The Vine" into the vanBasco karaoke player. Not only is this player able to
change the key of the song, it also can mute a track. When you listen to the audio file,
you will notice that when I start singing, my voice is accompanied by the melody track.
After the first chorus I muted the melody line of the chorus in the output window (this time it's the bassoon
on track 1).No matter if you like it or not, when it comes right out of your heart, it's always good... 
I added the chorus effect on the voice using Sound Blaster X-Fi"

Johan Komrij (April 2016)

"I Am The Vine" recording

You can also access our
 Original Karaoke Files 

by downloading the software
and opening the karaoke files,
You can view the lyrics, hear the melody, 
change the tempo and even modify the key 
to match your vocal range!