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You can now transpose our MIDI files, convert to MP3/WAV formats 
then burn to a CD!!  Great for accompaniment tracks !!!
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 I just happened upon this wonderful web-site.
Now I have your music softly playing at my desk at work all day... 
(Janie, from Mississippi)


Two choirs in Cape Town, South Africa recently sent me a recording 
of them singing several New Hope Music songs, 
using six of these MIDIs as their accompaniment tracks!

Learn more about these South African groups...

Sing Along With Us !!

Introductions have now been added 
to all the song & hymn MIDI/MP3 files so you can 
sing along with our arrangements!

Ideal for sing-alongs, choir practices, solos and congregational singing.

Great for small and large groups!

All our MIDIs have also been converted to MP3, 
for easy transfer to Audio CDs !!

Order CDs of our MP3s, MIDIs and PDF files

If any of you have the time and resources to create MIDI files,
I'm looking for people to help arrange
100+ more New Hope songs!

Ralph's E-mail

My general approach for background/accompaniment MIDIs is

1) Use a brief Intro
2) Keep the melody out front, but the accompaniment interesting enough to support it.  Descants, countermelodies and a variety of instruments are fun!
3) Have sufficient repeats to cover all verses.  OK to use an occasional, brief interlude between verses.
4) When appropriate, repeat the chorus at the end.
5) A simple ending after the last verse/chorus helps wrap things up...

Yes, it's a very basic approach, but these MIDIs serve well as backgrounds on our web sites, and as accompaniment in group singing around the world.  They are also popping up all around the Internet!

Other types of arrangements of our songs are encouraged (classical, jazz, SATB), and each finds its place in our web sites.

I am in search of some free music that I can 
incorporate into the introduction of my church podcast. 
I am doing  this for Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church

Do I understand this correctly, that your midi's are ok to use on podcasting 
as long as we credit 
Please help me out with this.... 
(Susan, from Florida)


Want to use our MIDIs on your web site ?

Karaoke version of some NHM MIDIs

Left click on any link below to hear the MIDI.

Right click and "Save Target As..."
to download the file your computer.


Many gifted saints have contributed MIDI arrangements
of New Hope Music songs.  Here are some of them !!




Michael L. Jester (Florida)

A little about me:

I was born and grew up in a small town West Jefferson, Ohio.   I felt God's call to vocational ministry in 1975 and moved to the
panhandle of Florida to attend school at Florida Baptist College.  I graduated with a degree in music and served several
churches in Florida as a minister of music.  At the present time I am not in a full time position, however I am very active in a Baptist church
in Stuart, Florida.   I play in our praise band and do some arranging for it.  I lead a bell-chime choir and sing baritone in our adult choir.

Benediction (Numbers 6:25-26)

Bless The Lord (Calypso)

By The Mercies Of God

Face To Face

Holy, Holy, Holy

If We Walk In The Light

I'm Grateful For The Cross

Oh The Wondrous Cross

Pleasing In Your Sight

Robe Of Righteousness 

Silence, Solitude and Prayer

The Baby Of Bethlehem

The Baby Of Bethlehem
(Dutch version, modified by Johan, from the Netherlands)

The Lord's Prayer 

The Mission

This Day Is Holy  (4/4 country version)

This Day Is Holy (6/8 blues version ! )

Trust In The Lord

When I Am Afraid

You Gave Us Hope

Your Grace

Yours Is The Greatness

Fred Scorza (Pennsylvania)

Hallelujah, Jesus Is Lord

Heavens and Earth

He Shall Be Called
SATB Choir Arrangement 

Hosanna (It's Jesus!)

Search Me Oh God

Splendor and Majesty #1

Splendor and Majesty #2

Bob Sorem (Minnesota)

Born 1949.  Grew up on a dairy farm in southern Minnesota.  Played tuba in school band from 
4th-12th grade.  Had a few accordion lessons at about age 10, then later self-taught the accordion, 
piano and organ.  Played tuba with several polka bands before joining the Navy in 1970.  

Family were not strong church-goers, but my sisters sang in the choir at the country Methodist Church near us, and I got my first exposure to sacred music this way. 
My mother played piano, and even gave lessons,  but not in my recollection.  I used to beg her to play a couple of my favorites whenever she was at the
keyboard, but arthritis took away her abilities when she was only in her 40s.  

After a short Navy career in electronics, I worked first in electronic instrument calibration, and then 
as a computer programmer.  My interest in music was always present, and I played keyboards well enough to perform for a
few weddings, funerals, and other functions.  When I discovered the MIDI world, my two great interests came together wonderfully.  After becoming disabled in 1999,
 I have more or less dedicated myself to this pursuit.  Active in my church from the time I joined the Navy until ... about the same time I became disabled. 
I live alone (in a northern Minneapolis suburb) and have few responsibilities, so I enjoy helping others via the internet.  I feel blessed to
have the God-given gift of music appreciation and a smattering of talent.

In My Father's Hands

By Your Abundant Love

I Was Glad

Jesus Was Born In Bethlehem

More Of You Lord

Yours Is The Day

** Bob's Web Site **

Logan J. Smith (Arkansas)

Logan J. Smith received his education at the University of Central Arkansas, where he studied Music Education under Dr. Ricky Brooks, Dr. Paige Rose and
Steven Smyth and Composition under Dr. Paul Dickinson. He also studied privately with Musicologist Dr. Jane Dahlenburg,
 Theory teacher Dr. Carl Anthony and Trombonist Dr. Denis Winter. 

He was named Outstanding Student of the College of Fine Arts in 2006, served as President of the Kappa Iota chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia froom
2005-2006 and ACPR of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia's Province 4 in 2007. His Senior Recital comprised of multiple performances of his works ranging
 from a Neo-Romantic Brass Quintet to a Twelve-Tone piece, written for Mezzo-Soprano Jennifer Crippen, to an Electro-Acoustic piece for 6 Speakers and Computer. 

He has original works performed by the UCA Brass Choir, the UCA Orchestra, Pinnacle Brass, the UAPB Jazz Ensemble, contemporary music group Subito
and is currently serving as the Staff Arranger for the UCA Marching Band and Computer Musician for Subito.

Logan is currently working as the Middle School Director/Brass Instructor for the Forrest City, 
Arkansas school district and composing as much as possible.

As The Trees

Open My Eyes

** Logan's Web Site **

Leif Thiborg (Sweden)

I'm Leif Christer Thiborg, 56, a glad person from Sweden.
Musician, poet, artist and runner, who likes to honor God with my music 
(from Leif, January 2009)

My God, My Rock

To The Rock  (version 1)

To The Rock (Version 2)

I Will Lift Up My Eyes

Speak Lord

New Every Morning 
(with Debbie Stewart)

In My Father's Hands

Come To Me
(with Debbie Stewart)

I Am Persuaded

Magnify The Lord With Me

Abba Father

And This I Pray

Debbie Stewart (Ohio)

"For me to live is Christ and to die is gain."  A single mom who resides in Ohio, 
I am a singer-songwriter and a 1978 graduate of Olivet Nazarene University 
(B.S. Music Education).  I share piano-playing responsibilities at Amelia Nazarene Church 
and am employed full-time as a Stationary Operating Engineer for American Electric Power.

Before the Coming Lord

Jesus Was Born In Bethlehem

New Every Morning

Come To Me

Elton Smith (Texas)

Larry Holder (left) & Elton Smith (right)
A computer programmer by day, Elton resides in Plano, Texas.   
He has collaborated with Larry Holder and many other wonderful songwriters, 
including Gilberto Baretto, whose songs originally prompted Elton to start a musical web page. 
Elton recently wrote a wonderful song with Rick Founds, "Nothing Can Compare".

Elton's website is:   Songs of Praise

He Shall Be Called (country)

He Shall Be Called (worship)

How Awesome Is This Place 
(new instrumentation of Richard Garber's MIDI)

Mighty One

Splendor and Majesty #1

Splendor and Majesty #2

Hiland Overgaard (Minnesota)

In an April 2001 e-mail, Hiland describes himself as "...a freshman at the
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus, and I am double majoring in
Music Performance (for voice) and Music Education.   I graduated from Apple
Valley High School in Apple Valley, a suburb of Minneapolis, and I've lived
in Minnesota my entire life.  I've been writing MIDIs  for about 3 years, but
this year was the first time I sent any of them to different web sites.
I also compose classical music, play the piano, and sing in a worship team for
Campus Crusade for Christ and Hosanna! Lutheran Church."

Abba Father

Bringing The Presence Of Jesus

Center Of My Soul

Great And Marvelous

 I Will Go

In The Splendor Of Your Courts

From Him, Through Him And To Him

Send Forth Your Light

 Song To My Shepherd

Wait On The Lord

You Are Awesome God !!


Hiland's MIDIs can also be found at

Lassen Technologies

Rhesa Siregar (Indonesia)

Rhesa's Web Site

Rhesa is a musician, worship leader and songwriter at Gereja Generasi Baru Indonesia/New Generation Church of Indonesia
He lives in Makassar City, South Celebes, Indonesia with his wife, Jenny and they have two daughters, Janice & Jasmine.   He received
Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior of his life when he was 10 years old.  He started his ministry as a musician in 1992, and 4 years later
he became a music director and worship leader. Rhesa is self-taught musician but he also learned the basic of piano from his mom and dad.

Bringing The Presence Of Jesus

Now Our God

 Yoke Wong

New Every Morning

Silence, Solitude, and Prayer (1)

Silence, Solitude, and Prayer (2)

Remy St-Hilaire (Quebec, Canada)

Thine, O Lord  (v1)

Thine, O Lord   (v2)

Richard Garber (North Carolina)

"Currently I run my own business, PC Workstations/Island Software...
a hardware techie as well as a self-taught programmer (Clarion).
I am married with two teenagers. I attended college for 3.5 years as a
music major performing with various bands and orchestras playing bassoon and sax.
I played with a Christian outfit and we played various places in Pennsylvania
and a little into New York.   I became a Christian in 1977."

Richard says that the following web sites are endorsed by
the "Alaskan Eskimo Biblical Artifact Excavating Research Team"
Wow, they must be good!!
is Richard's business site

As The Trees

How Awesome Is This Place

How Precious Is Your Love (full orchestration)
How Precious Is Your Love (simple arrangement)

I Will Walk

The God Of Jerusalem

Splendor And Majesty

Richard Garber has also created three MP3
accompaniment tracks  for 

The Baby Of Bethlehem

full orchestra with piano
full orchestra without piano
piano only

Leo Griffin (Oregon)

Wait On The Lord

This was originally arranged by Hiland Overgaard,
then orchestrated by Leo Griffin

David Hughes (Massachusetts)

The Mission  (high descant)

The Mission  (low descant)

Bob Martin (Michigan)

The Fruit Of The Spirit

We Give Thanks To You Lord

Come To The Manger

Victor Stockman (Georgia)

Bless The Lord (Calypso)

Come To Me  background track only

Splendor and Majesty (version 1)

Splendor and Majesty (version 2)

This Day Is Holy  background track only

Larrie Dee (California)

Splendor And Majesty

Larrie also created 
two arrangements for New Hope Music
of a classic John W. Peterson song

"Heaven Came Down" (1)

"Heaven Came Down" (2)

"Heaven Came Down" Copyright 1961, renewed 1989, 
arr. 2003 by John W. Peterson Music Company.  
All rights reserved.  Used by permission.

Adrian V. Miller (BC, Canada)

Adrian's Hymn Site

Born in 1934, Kerkrade, The Netherlands. Graduated from college in 1955 with a degree in
Horticultural Engineering. Left for Vancouver, BC, Canada, three days after graduation.

For 12 years I had my own business in Horticulture and Pest Management. Then worked for
various provincial government ministries. In 1984 I obtained a Master of Pest Management Degree
from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC.   I opted for early retirement in 1992.

I did a lot of Christian reading early in retirement and started to realize how utterly correct God's Word is and that
the prophecies must be accepted literally. Although active in choirs, I never had any music training.

Then the most amazing happened in 1997:  Suddenly I started writing lyrics for hymns, some translations, many paraphrases,
but most entirely new lyrics. His Call was the first one. I soon realized that my Lord still had a job for me and
thank Him daily for this sudden gift. To Him be the glory!

Right click the title below
to  download Adrian's MIDI  performances of our songs


NOTE: Need a Key Change for any of the songs or hymns?
Forward your request by e-mail to Adrian V. Miller: 
and it will be mailed to you.


Abba Father

And This I Pray


As The Trees

Before The Coming Lord


New  Benediction (Numbers 6:25-26)  New

Bless The Lord (Calypso)

Bringing The Presence Of Jesus

By Your Abundant Love

By The Mercies Of God

Center Of My Soul

Children Of Light

New  Come To Me  New

Content In All Things  (key of D)
Content In All Things  (key of F) 

Doxology Round

Do Not Fear

New  Evening Prayer  New

Face To Face

New  Faithful Is The Lord  New

Fearfully And Wonderfully Made

From Him, Through Him And To Him

Glory To The Righteous One

God Is Everywhere

God Is Our Refuge

New  God Made You  New

Gracious And Merciful

Great And Marvelous

Hallelujah, Jesus Is Lord!

Have You Ever Heard...?

Heavens And Earth

He Has Shown You

He Shall Be Called   (key of A)
He Shall Be Called
  (key of B flat)
He Shall Be Called
  (key of C)

 Help Me To Appreciate

His Grace Is Sufficient

Holy, Holy, Holy

Holy And Awesome

Holy One Of Israel

How Awesome Is This Place

How Precious Is Your Love   (Merrifield)

How Precious Is Your Love   (Merrifield/Gustafson)

New  Hush My Little Loved One  New

I Am The Vine

I Am Persuaded (1)

New  I Have Called You  New

I Wait For The Lord

I Was Glad

New  I Will Give Thanks   (key of C)  New
I Will Give Thanks  (key of D)  New

I Will Go

I Will Lift Up My Eyes

I Will Walk

New  If We Walk In The Light  New

I'm Grateful For The Cross

New  In My Father's Hands (1)  New

New  In My Father's Hands (2)  New

In The Splendor Of Your Courts

New  It Is Good  (key of C)  New
New  It Is Good  (key of D) New

Jesus Was Born In Bethlehem

Land That Drinks In The Rain

Lead Me To A Rock

Let Your Light Shine

New Let's Just Love The Lord  New

Like A Green Tree

Like The Rising Sun

New  Make Your Way Clearer  New

New  May God Be Gracious  New

May You Be Exalted

New  Mighty And Awesome  New

Mighty One

More Of You Lord

My Father Can Do Anything

My Soul With You

New Every Morning

Now Our God

Oh The Wondrous Cross

On This Your Birthday

One Thing

Only Jesus Satisfies

Open My Eyes

New  Open The Doors  New

New  Open The Eyes Of My Heart   (1 - Merrifield)   New
  Open The Eyes Of My Heart  
(2 - Merrifield)   New

Paul Planted

Peace I Give To You

New  Pleasing In Your Sight  New

Praise And Glory

Praise The Lord, All Nations

Righteousness And Justice

Robe Of Righteousness   (Key of E)
Robe Of Righteousness
   (Key of G)

 Search Me, O God

New  Send Forth Your Light  New  

Service Song

Set An Example

Silence, Solitude And Prayer   (key of C) 
Silence, Solitude And Prayer
(key of d)  

Splendor And Majesty
Splendor And Majesty

Such Great Love

Sun And Shield Round

New  That Ye Might Walk   (version 1)  New
  That Ye Might Walk  
(version 2)  New

New  The Baby Of Bethlehem   (key of C)  New
  The Baby Of Bethlehem  
(key of D)  New
  The Baby Of Bethlehem  
(key of G)  New

New  The Covenant  New

The Fruit Of The Spirit

The God Of Jerusalem

New  The Lord Is Compassionate  New

The Lord God Of Hosts

New  The Lord's Prayer  New

New  The Lord's Prayer  New

The Mission

New  The Stability Of Our Times  New

New  The Word Of The Lord  New

New  There Will Be Silence  New

Thine, O Lord

This Day Is Holy

Those Who Wait For The Lord

To Behold You

New  To Him Who Sits On The Throne  New

New  Trust In The Lord  New


Wait On The Lord

We Give Thanks To You Lord

We're The King's Kids

When I Am Afraid

Who Is Like Thee

New  Who May Ascend  New

New  Wisdom And Might  New

Worthy Of Our Praise

You Are Awesome God !!

New  You Are My Shepherd  (key of E) New
You Are My Shepherd  (key of G) New

New  You Gave Us Hope  (1)  New
New  You Gave Us Hope  (2)  New
New  You Gave Us Hope  (3)  New

New  Your Grace New

New  Yours Is The Day New

New  Yours Is The Greatness New

Julie Schieck (Minnesota)

"I have been playing for a contemporary Lutheran service 
for 4 years (on a Kurzweil Mark 12).
Through the years I have arranged about 200 MIDI files...
mostly contemporary Christian songs.
I have done a quite a few Christmas songs and several
songs for weddings (solo music, accompaniments).

I started for my applied music degree but only finished 3 years.
I have taken a couple digital music courses at a local college.
I teach private voice and piano lessons ..."


By The Mercies Of God

Holy, Holy, Holy

I Will Walk

The God Of Jerusalem

"Splendor and Majesty"
MIDIs & MP3s

Louis Webb
Roy Ford
John Tolson
Mark Weston

Go to our "Splendor and Majesty" page for more details

All songs copyright Ralph Merrifield
New Hope Music, PO Box 1612, Westboro MA 01581
(with the exception of "Hallelujah, Jesus Is Lord",
Copyright 2001, Stephen M. Misarski

You have our encouragement and permission
to duplicate and share these song for all "not-for-profit" purposes
(web site background, recordings, corporate worship, give-away copies).
Please contact New Hope for other uses. Thanks !!!

From Florida to Alaska, in Tennessee, Virginia & Colorado,
a number of web sites include our MIDI arrangements as background music.
Several sites also include a collection of our MIDIs for download, including...

Songs Of Praise (Elton Smith)
Lassen Technologies
Free Praise and Worship
Living Water Jazz
New  Christian Midi  New



NEW    For a $ 10.00 shipping and handling charge,    NEW
a complete set of all lyrics, pdf-musicscores and midi-files 
of Adrian V. Miller's hymns can be mailed 
to your regular street address on a data CD.
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Bob Sorem's MIDI PAGE