Excerpts from a worship leader's

Dear friend,

... Per our short discussion (at the conference) , I have enclosed some of Ralph Merrifield's songs. These are free for you to use in worship. Although Ralph does list his songs with CCLI (and he even has some current "hits"), he will tell you that, other than commercial recordings, most uses of his songs are free. I have found this to be very refreshing. But, add to that songs which are really blessed by the Holy Spirit, and there is a true anointing of God. I would humbly suggest that your musicians try the songs before hearing any of Ralph's tapes. Our church does "In The Splendor Of Your Courts" considerably different than the original and we have been very blessed by that song. In fact, we didn't hear the original version for many, many months after first introducing it. Other popular songs of Ralph's that we use are "Heavens and Earth", "From Him, Through Him and To Him", "Bless The Lord (Calypso)", "Come To Me", and "Center Of My Soul".  I know that he doesn't have scores for all of the parts, but I am sure that your team can build on such good foundations.

Please excuse me for being so excited about these songs, but when the anointing of God comes on certain songs, there is no mistaking His readiness to bless us. We have seen that of late with "In The Splendor Of Your Courts", "From Him, Through Him and To Him", as well as "How Great Thou Art", "Burdens Are Lifted At Calvary", "Shout To The Lord", "Be Magnified" and "He Is Exalted". These songs have led us into a very wonderful time in His presence Sunday after Sunday (we don't do each one every Sunday, but you get the drift). Please call Ralph and make arrangements to get some more of his music and some tapes. He is a very humble brother in the Lord and has a ministry to many world wide.

Thanks again for your presentation and mindfulness to your calling before the Lord.

In His Service,

Duff Kirklewski

(Duff is a worship leader in the Metrowest Boston area.
We deeply appreciate his kind words of encouragement and endorsement)