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Finnish recording of this song
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Finnish translation by Lea Alaja, 
choir arrangement by Marja Väisänen



(Robe of Righteousness)

1. Tunne vanhurskauden viitta ympärilläs,
anteeks’anto tulvii sieluusi.
Iloöljyn saat raskaan hengen sijaan,
oot hyväksytty täydellisesti.

Katsele vain Hänen kirkkauttaan,
heitä raskaat taakkasi jo pois.
Kiinnitä mielesi vain Herraan,
eteensä tulla voit.

2. Tunnen vanhurskauden viitan ympärilläin,
anteeksíanto tulvii sieluuni.
Iloöljyn saan raskaan hengen sijaan,
oon hyväksytty täydellisesti.

Katselen vain Hänen kirkkauttaan,
heitän raskaat taakkani jo pois.
Kiinnitän mieleni vain Herraan,
eteensä tulla voin.

Translation from the Finnish words to English:

1. Feel the robe of righteousness around you,
forgiveness flows into your soul.
You receive oil of gladness instead of heavy spirit,
you are completely accepted.

Just look at His glory,
throw away your heavy burdens.
Fix your mind upon the Lord,
you can come before Him.

2. I feel the robe of righteousness around me,
forgiveness flows into my soul.
I receive oil of gladness instead of heavy spirit,
I am completely accepted,

I just look at His glory,
I throw away my heavy burdens.
I fix my mind upon the Lord,
I can come before Him.


During this Christmas season, my friend Marja and I have translated 4 of your songs into Finnish
("Abba Father", "Heavens And Earth", "Robe Of Righteousness", "To The Rock").  I send you here the Finnish words
and also the translations from Finnish words to English, so you can see how we have translated them. 
Marja is also doing choir arrangements to the songs...  we'll send the notes to you when they are written.

Because the Finnish language is so different from English with a plenty of syllables,  we had to make some
changes in words and in the duration of some notes, but we think the idea and the spirit of the songs is the
same as you had... 
(Lea Alaja, December 2002)

English Version: Lyrics, MIDI, MP3, PDF sheet music


Copyright 1993, Ralph Merrifield,
New Hope Music, P.O. Box 1612, Westboro MA 01581 USA


Thank you for your help in sharing this song with
our brothers and sisters in Finland !!!

- Ralph Merrifield