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"You Gave Us Hope" was included in the CD & songbook
for the MennoMedia and Brethren Press Sunday School
curriculum "Shine", released Fall 2014! 
Over 100,000 children are expected to use this curriculum.
Very exciting !!!


[Karaoke Video with vocal]

[Recording - South Africa]   [MIDI]

[Video Recording - the Philippines]

[PDF Songsheet]    [Karaoke Video]





You gave us hope when You sent Your Son
True hope, perfect hope, pure hope
Into the darkness, Jesus has come
True hope, perfect hope, pure hope

Let Your light shine through us
to the nations
Let Your light shine through us
to the world,  for

You gave us hope when You sent Your Son
hope, perfect hope, pure hope

2. Joy

3. Peace

4. Love


Johan Komrij (the Netherlands)    Karaoke Video with vocal    You Gave Us Hope

Michael L. Jester    MIDI arrangement    You Gave Us Hope

Willing Hands Choir (South Africa)    MP3    You Gave Us Hope

Johan Komrij (the Netherlands)    Karaoke Video (version 1)    You Gave Us Hope

Johan Komrij (the Netherlands)    Karaoke Video (version 2)    You Gave Us Hope

Rolando De Guzman Reyes (the Philippines)   
Video Recording    You Gave Us Hope

Johan Komrij (the Netherlands)   PDF Sheet Music    You Gave Us Hope

Jay Droz   
Karaoke Video    You Gave Us Hope

Charles Kirkpatrick (Canada)    MP3 arrangement    You Gave Us Hope

Adrian V. Miller    MIDI arrangement    You Gave Us Hope  (1)
Adrian V. Miller    MIDI arrangement    You Gave Us Hope  (2)
Adrian V. Miller    MIDI arrangement    You Gave Us Hope  (3)

Adrian V. Miller    PDF Sheet Music    You Gave Us Hope


I received an email from Carol (an appropriate name!)
asking if we had any songs to sing 
at the lighting of their Christmas advent candles.
We didn't, so I offered to write a new one, 
based on the themes of their four candles 
(Hope, Joy, Peace, Love)

Two days later, while driving through Framingham MA, 
I received this simple song from the Lord ...

A request from Carol also inspired
"The Lord's Prayer"


"I was having my prayer time and I asked God to help and guide me in the
selection of songs for a children’s Christmas program at my church.  
I had already picked out several songs but did not really feel that
they were exactly what I needed.  

After my prayer time, I went inside, turned on my computer and searched for “Christmas Rounds”.  I found
a link to your site and the first song I heard was “You Gave Us Hope”.  
That song touched me so much, that
I wept for 20 minutes before I could finally sing it all the way through.
  I knew God had
revealed the song I was to use.  I am so excited about teaching it to the kids! 

We performed "You Gave Us Hope" at my church as part of the children's Christmas program I
directed.  It was the grand finale.  My husband played guitar, one of our
youth played flute and a friend played a djembe.  It was a huge success! 
(Debbie, from Alabama)


Singing this song in Pakistan, December 2018

Kremer Publications published this song
in their Christmas Play entitled
"Words Of Christmas"

A young teen group from Arkansas, called "The Hallelujah Singers",
"You Gave Us Hope" to their congregation 
during the 2003 advent season!

Several New Hope Music carols & hymns, 
including this one, can be found on

"A Christmas Carol Treasury: The Hymns And Carols Of Christmas."

I was in need of a song for our Advent Wreath Blessing.
God bless you for permitting me and others to download 
“You Gave Us Hope”. 
(Mary, from Texas)

I just wanted to drop you a quick note of encouragement to let you know I will be using
your song "You Gave Us Hope" this weekend at my church. 
We are starting our advent series and this song is
just perfect for the service.  Thank you for sharing it with the world. 
(David, from North Carolina)

I just wanted to let you know that I just LOVE your site & your music!!!  It's definitely TOPS in
my book of Christian songs.  I will be using the song
"You Gave Us Hope." at our Christmas Eve
service at church & will play guitar & sing it.
  (Linda, from New York)

" I am the eighth grade teacher at Holy Spirit School....  
I have the dubious honor of organizing the Christmas program for
our school.  I was at my end trying to find a song appropriate for my
class to sing when I happened upon your web site and the beautiful song, "You Gave Us Hope." 
Thank you and God Bless you.  We will sing it on December 14
at our program in praise of Jesus and in
thanksgiving for you and your great gift.
(Anne, from California)

I am the principal of a small Catholic school in Vernon, 
British Columbia, Canada.

We have found your wonderful site - and would like to 
ask permission to use your song "You Gave Us Hope" 
in our Christmas concert this December.

It will be performed by our students, using 
your accompaniment version on the website.
(Karen, from Canada)



A banner displaying these lyrics, made in Pakistan (Christmas 2016)

Here's a recording of "You Gave Us Hope"
by Jay Droz (sung in Russian)

Here's a recording of "You Gave Us Hope"
by Jay Droz (sung in Polish)

Translated into Hindi by 
Daisy Augustine, from California
Hindi Translation

Translated into PortuguÍs (Brasil) by 
Daniel Borges, from Sao Paulo, Brazil
PortuguÍs (Brasil) Translation

Translated into Dutch by 
Amy, from the Netherlands
Dutch Translation

Translated into Afrikaans by
Liz Van Heerden, from South Africa
Afrikaans translation


We've used a number of New Hope Music songs in the past: 
"He Shall Be Called"... 'The Baby Of Bethlehem' is a personal favourite... 
My choir sang your wonderful song, "You Gave Us Hope"
in our Christmas Morning service last year (2008).
 (Brian James Wallace, from Canada)

The St. Clair Avenue Baptist Church choir sang
an adapted version of "You Gave Us Hope"

"I am a retired pastor of a Pentecostal church in Northern Ireland. 
I came across your web site when looking for a Christmas song for 
our Carol service.  My wife and I have been asked by the pastor 
for to sing a duet and when I heard this carol I thought what a 
lovely carol and the four words. Hope, Joy, Peace,  and Love said it all for 
that is what we have been praying for in Northern Ireland for over 40 years. 

So we expect that your carol will bring some measure of comfort to our 
congregation tonight (12/24)
.  There is no real hope, joy, peace or love in this 
world without Jesus in our hearts.  God bless you..." 
(Billy, from Ireland)

I am ... a Music Teacher in St. Francis
Anglo Indian Girls High School in Coimbatore.

I decided to teach
"He Shall Be Called" and "You Gave Us Hope" 
to our school children for Christmas Carol 2007.

As we began our practices, our children were moved by
the Spirit of the Lord and they told me that they felt
peace, joy and happiness.

It is truly uplifting music and an inspiration from
the Holy Ghost to you. God wants you to be an
instrument in His hands to do this marvelous work to
build His kingdom here on this earth.

(Charles, from India)


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