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  Translated into Dutch by 
Johan Komrij,  from the Netherlands




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    Sequenced by: Larry Dee

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Pracht, Praal En Majesteit

Pracht, praal en majesteit liggen voor U,
in Uw woonplaats zijn vreugde en kracht.

Vriend’lijk, barmhartig, vol van vergeving;
groots bent U God, eerwaardig, eerlijk, oprecht.

Pracht, praal en majesteit, lof, eer en glorie;

heilig bent U, o Heer, Lam van God.
Uw liefde ontstijgt elke droom,
Uw kracht verstoot elk van de troon.
Trouw, genadig, dat bent U!
Waardig God, waardig God!

Machtig en sterk en altijd betrouwbaar,

op een voetstuk staat U in gebed.
Oude van Dagen, perfect, aanzienlijk,
puur als het licht, geprezen, miraculeus.

Lieflijk en prachtig in al Uw schitter,

wat ons denkbeeld ver te boven gaat.
Meester, Beschermer, Koning, Verlosser,
Schepper van Leven, U bent Vader en Vriend.

A literal translation of Splendor And Majesty:

Splendor, pomp and majesty lie in front of you,
("pomp, circumstance and majesty" might be more accurate)
strength, joy are in your residence.
Kindly, merciful, full of forgiveness;
great are You God, honorable, honest, sincere.

Splendor, pomp and majesty, praise, honor and glory;
You are holy, o Lord, Lamb of God.
Your love transcends every dream,
Your strength drives everyone from the throne.
Faithful, merciful, that's You!
Worthy God, worthy God!

Powerful and strong and always reliable,
You are standing on a pedestal in prayer.
Ancient of Days, perfect, notable,
pure as the light, praised, miraculous.

Sweet and lovely in all your glitter,
it goes far beyond our imaginations.
Master, Protector, King, Redeemer,
Creator of Life, You are Father and Friend.


The song is quite difficult to translate with all these typical words,
which makes it almost impossible to translate as accurate as possible.
Most important for me is to keep the right feeling to it,
the overwhelming power of the words within the song.
Simply said: our God is too big for us human beings to describe in words.
May this song be an inspiration to everyone who absorbs the sweetness of the music
and the power of the words.
Holy is His name,

Johan Komrij


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