Glory Be God In the Highest

Christmas carol


Glorious sounds the song of angels

in the fields of Ephrata:

"Glory be God in the highest",

praise the Lord, hallelujah!

Peace is now on earth descending,

God His only Son is sending.

Blessed those who seek God's peace,

then God's love will never cease.


Shepherds in the field abiding,

tending to their flocks by night,

startled by the heav'nly music

and that chorus sung with might:

"Do not fear, we bring good tidings,

tidings of great joy to all,

for this night was born your Saviour,

He is here in Bethle'm's stall.


Jesus came a little baby,

God's goodwill to all mankind.

Being poor, laid in a manger,

for a bed they could not find.

While He is the Lord of all lords,

He was laid on straw in trough boards.

Jesus Christ, God's only Son,

we are joyful You have come.


Though He offered love and kindness,

soon a cross was His reward.

In His effort to redeem us,

He brought love and not a sword.

His a path of so much sorrow,

just to save us for tomorrow,

He bore hatred, scorn, and pain,

so we'd turn to God again.


May we all kneel at His manger,

and remember, too, His cross.

Teach us to have faith in You Lord,

and release us from our dross.

Peace then in our hearts descending,

knowing of God's love unending,

will soon to our minds bring peace,

and from Satan us release.


After a traditional Dutch Christmas carol.

Text: Adrian Vermeulen-Miller.

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