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My name is Peter Day and I am the director of my own 
creative arts ministry here in New Zealand.

We write and produce Biblical musicals and are in the process
of writing a new musical called 'In the Shadow of Messiah', (based) 
on the life of David.  Most of the songs and script has been written, 
except for a few gaps which we are believing the Lord to fill.

I came upon your web site by chance over the Christmas / New Year break and
fell in love with four of your songs  ("Center Of My Soul", "Wait On The Lord"
"How Precious is Your Love" and "Search Me, O God")

... I am writing to ask if we could us these songs in our new musical.

(Peter, from New Zealand)


In The Shadow Of Messiah


Center Of My Soul (New Hope Music song)

How Precious Is Your Love (New Hope Music song)

I Will Follow You

Shelter Of Your Wings


Peter Day

Peter is no longer with us here on earth, but made an amazing contribution to the
creative arts in New Zealand and beyond.  We were honored to be able to serve the Lord with Peter  :)


Thank you, friends, for helping New Hope Music
encourage the saints in New Zealand !!!

- Ralph Merrifield