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Key of Em, a lively Messianic chorus
along the lines of "Behold, God Is My Salvation"


As the trees in the woods
lift their branches to the sky
So the people of the Lord raise their hands
To their good Creator, to the Author of Life
To the Lord, to the Maker, to the Lamb

Li li li li li
Li li li li li li
Li li li li li li li li li
Li li li li li
Li li li li li li
Li li li li li li li li li

As the birds in the air lift their voices to the sky
So the people of the Lord raise their song
To their good Creator, to the Author of Life
To the Lord, to the Maker, to the Lamb    (chorus 2x)



Media Files

MP3 Recording   Ralph Merrifield   As The Trees
Karaoke Videos  Johan Komrij (Garber)   As The Trees
Karaoke Videos  Johan Komrij (
Smith)   As The Trees
MIDI arrangement 
 Richard Garber   As The Trees
MIDI arrangement   Logan Smith  As The Trees

Karaoke File 
Johan Komrij  AsTheTrees(1).jk.k.mid
Karaoke File 
Johan Komrij 
Karaoke File 
Johan Komrij  As_The_Trees_(3).mid

PDF Sheet Music 
Logan Smith   As The Trees
PDF Sheet Music  Fred Scorza   PDF Lead Sheet
MIDI performance    Adrian V. Miller   As The Trees
PDF Sheet Music  Adrian V. Miller  As The Trees

Here's how Richard Garber describes his MIDI:

"This is a pretty slick arrangement, both weird and exotic...  
listen for the strings, they provide the variations for the song. The brass
provides a jazzy and joyful backdrop.   In one section
you'll hear a very brief Robocop chord change...   As the song progresses,
the strings get very anxious. In the end, thanks to the clarinet holding the melody,
everyone gleefully rallies around the melody and then the song ends.

Don't you just love those antsy strings in the last go-round? I thought
that was so cool! See, I envisioned the melody as being God's consistency
through-out time. Then, I saw the brass and strings as the 'people's of
earth'.   The dissonance early on represents the separating leading to chaos
and the urgency of those like us to get back on track.
Finally, the melody prevails, and harmony is restored."

Richard Garber

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PortuguÍs (Brasil) translation   Daniel Borges (from Brazil)
Maltese translation  by Carmen Deguara (from Malta) 

History & Testimonies

Written while watching my kids swim in a pond,
enjoying the beauty of the pine tree forests
at Miles Standish State Park in Plymouth MA.

"The God Of Jerusalem" and
"Glory To The Righteous One"
were also written at this campground.


I teach music at a local church school for boys whose ages range
between 12 and 16 years. As such I am always on the lookout for songs  with a
religious message but which, of course, have music that appeals to the younger generation. 
From what I could see from your website, many of your songs are just that.  

We speak Maltese with English as a second language.  English is taught at school as early as pregrades.  
So that's the reason why your songs are good for us as they present no problems with regards to language.
By the way. I taught my students
"As The Trees" and it was a great hit.  Well done! 
We shall be singing it during the Fifth Formers' graduation day in June.
(Carmen, from Malta)

Recorded on "New Works Of Grace"


Copyright 1999, Ralph Merrifield
New Hope Music, PO Box 1612, Westboro MA 01581

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to duplicate and share this song for all "not-for-profit" purposes
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