Come To The Manger


Come and see the Baby, born in Bethlemís stall,

you come to the stable, see the Christ-child there.

He came down from heaven, bringing peace for all,

see Him in the manger, we will show you where.


Shepherds went before you, came to see Godís gift.

Godís love for mankind, brought to us His Son.

Lost in sin and turmoil, He will close our rift,

His light will be shining, brighter than the sun.


Wise men too have found Him, following His star.

Now it is your turn, find Him and rejoice.

Find your peace with Jesus, come it is not far.

Yes, you too should meet Him, listen to His voice.


Jesus is our Saviour, sent from God above,

hear how He is calling, calling you by name.

Jesus is our Master, He brings peace and love.

Answer now His calling, Ďt is for you He came.


Adrian Vermeulen-Miller

Dutch Version

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