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A note from Graham Kendrick...

"Ralph and I have enjoyed several chats on the telephone about worship and worship songs.... He's a great enthusiast and very keen to serve all those involved in facilitating the worship of the churches. I met him over in Boston... whilst ministering at the Vision New England Conference and was intrigued to hear all about his vision for New Hope Music.

This website has become a popular stopping off place for those seeking resources for worship leaders and church music groups, as well as individuals seeking encouragement on their own spiritual journeys. Enjoy!"

A note from
John W Peterson...

"Few people I know are more devoted to and excited about gospel music than Ralph Merrifield.  He’s not only a talented writer himself – but keenly interested in the work of other writers. My every contact with him has been most enjoyable.

You have written some fine songs Ralph, the Lord has given you great talent and the opportunity to use that talent for Him. 

I pray He will guide and bless in all aspects of your ministry as you proceed.

I appreciate your friendship."