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Many gifted people around the world 
have helped to translate New Hope Music songs.  
Here are links to some of their translations !!

I feel so much blessed after visiting your website because 
I found a place where I can contribute to exalt the name of the Lord, and
for the extension of His Kingdom, by translating songs in Hindi
so that people of my native place can join others when
they sing the same song in their own language. 
(Daisy, from India)

Can you help us translate our songs into new languages?
We want to encourage more through our songs !

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Our friend, Jay Droz, created 40+ videos based on Ralph Merrifield's songs
(English, Spanish, Polish & Russian translations), with more being developed.
You can view them all at Jay's new You Tube playlist
Jay Droz Videos


* We now have a song (Jesus, You're The Way) in the Kaera language!
Kaera is a Papuan language spoken on the northeastern coast of Pantar island
 in the Alor archipelago of Indonesia.   Kaera is used alongside Indonesian
in religious contexts, but Kaera is not used in education. When I heard
that Bende was passing through the island of Pantar Timur (Abang Iwang),
I did some research and found that there is a language spoken there that is
only used by 5500 people in the world ! Bende found a local woman
who helped translate the song, and tomorrow, she will teach
the song to young people there.  We have a video of Bende and the translator
singing our song in English, Indonesian and Kaera
(Ralph, from the United States)

"We know and use some of your songs in our church, like...
'This Day Is Holy' and 'Search Me, O God'.  We have some 
brothers in our church who can translate these songs 
into our local language" 
(Paul, from Kenya)

 I feel so much blessed after visiting your website because 
I found a place where I can contribute to exalt the name of the Lord, and
for the extension of His Kingdom, by translating songs in Hindi
so that people of my native place can join others when
they sing the same song in their own language. 
(Daisy, from California)

We are teaching our Malay/Chinese church three New Hope songs
this coming Palm Sunday:
"Hosanna (Itís Jesus!)", "Holy, Holy, Holy"
"Hallelujah, Jesus is Lord".   I have used your music before and
love what you are all doing. 

We are an English speaking church but
I bet I can get your songs translated into Mandarin and Bahassa Maylay
for wider distribution. Wouldnít it be great to have your songs sung in
the Underground church of China !? 
(Doug, from Malaysia)

"I want to participate by trying to translate 
your beautiful songs to Arabic and Tamazight, 
the language that's spoken in North Africa" 
(Youcef, from Algeria)

Four have  offered to translate our songs into
Yoruba & Lgbo (Nigeria), Cebuano (Philippines) & Kiswahili (Kenya)

"I can translate the songs into the Nepalese language 
for our local Churches. I hope we will be able to 
publish them in Hymn books, so people can use them." 
(Arjun, from Nepal)

My wife and I are missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators... 
I sometimes produce special videos for individuals to
help them raise financial support. At the end of this type of video I would
like to have a montage of images with a hymn as background music. 

I want the words the people are singing to be in a language other than
English to illustrate the purpose of Wycliffe, translating God's Word into
all the language of the earth so people can sing praise to the Lord in the
language that speaks to their heart.

I would like to have several of the songs from Finland
from your website as a resource for
a video I may produce in the future. 

(John, from Wycliffe Bible Translators)

Yes! I'm willing to help you translate your songs
to our own dialect. so many different languages
here in the Philippines and our main dialect here is
TAGALOG, but i can speak Visayan languages like ILONGGO and 
CEBUANO  fluently which is the main language in
the southern part of our country.
(Robert, from the Philippines)

We are missionaries in Romania and Ukraine and
use these songs in our daily family devotion time as well as  in the
church here.  We sing them in English and
put the translation of Romania up on the wall so the
congregation knows what we are singing. 

We have used quite a few of the songs from the website over the
last few years.  When we were pastoring in South Dakota we
"I'm Grateful For The Cross" at each Communion service.
We continue to use this song in our devotions and in the Romanian
Church where I preach. We are also going to have
"I Was Glad"
translated. (this is one of my very favorites songs!)
and we have used this in all of the churches we have pastored in.  
"I Will Go"
is another of my favorites, as well as
"By the Mercies of God"

We used "Hosanna (It's Jesus)" for our Easter Services both in
South Dakota and in Minnesota. We also have missions work in
Ukraine and would like to translate some of these
songs into Russian (with your permission).

I really appreciate the Scriptural basis of the music, the spirit of worship they contain,
and the simplicity that makes them great for congregational singing,  (as well as keeping
it simple enough for "simple" guitar players like myself!).
  (Rev. Michael, from Romania)

I do hard work for children in villages who are rejected and poor. 
I love the children and care for them through Christian music.
Please pray for me,  that I  may do the translation of your loving songs
for Christian communities in Pakistan,  
as i feel it  is the voice of the Holy Spirit.
May God bless you and use you for his evangelistic work  throughout the world,
especially in Pakistan.   
(Evangelist Samson, from Pakistan)


I am sending this email from Sierra Leone, West Africa. I serve as the 
Ag. Choir Coordinator of Bethel Temple Church Choir. 

I came about your website late last month and I must inform you that 
we did the following songs during the Easter period:
Hosanna (It is Jesus)
Hallelujah (Jesus is Lord)
They are powerful songs and they blessed the Church. Both Song
ministrations were powerful.  It is my intention for our Choir to learn and Minister all your songs... 
Many thanks for putting resources online and making it available for  our use in Sierra Leone.
(Hilary, from Sierra Leone)



Most songs copyright  Ralph Merrifield
"Rest In Me", copyright Julie Joyner 1996

New Hope Music, PO Box 1612, Westboro MA 01581

Dutch Hymn Translations, copyright Adrian V. Miller


You have our encouragement and permission
to duplicate and share these song for all "not-for-profit" purposes
(web site background, recordings, corporate worship, give-away copies).
Please contact New Hope for other uses. Thanks !!!


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