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Please share the song title, where the song is being used,
approx. how many people have learned the songs,
your name/ministry/town/state/country.

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The instant I hear the music with lyrics, the overwhelming
anointing of God is present.  More than the talent and gifting,
I am blessed by the obedience and sacrifice to your purpose and
calling in life; that in itself is a witness to
believers such as myself...  you are a prolific writer flowing
in God's creativity.
  (Gloria, from California)

 I have just found your site and the anointing just floored me.   
I will be coming back many times, I'm sure.  I need this for 
the worship team, the church and myself...  God bless your ministry, 
my brother, as He blesses me though it . 

(Pastor Charles, from England)

I am from India, currently in Spain
pursuing my doctoral studies in cancer research.
... I have gone through some terrible times... 
some people were really against me
and used to accuse, persecute and avoid me.   

As I walk to my apartment from the university, 
I praise my loving Savior and 
sing to Him the songs from your web site..

"Oh The Wondrous Cross", "Center Of My Soul"
"Heavens and Earth"
and many others...

A great unexplainable peace surrounds me, I feel His presence 
moving with me... By the time I reach my house, I feel like 
my loving Jesus, my Savior, has carried me in His arms.

Thanks for your wonderful songs... when you reach eternity, 
you will see many souls whom your songs have inspired. 
(from a brother in Spain)

"How Awesome Is This Place".  I might say that of your
web site.  I, too, stopped to worship God.  Other people might
have talents that seem brilliant  for today's world- like inventing
computers, etc., but you spotlight talents that are eternal - since
worshiping God surely is eternal.  

I can imagine that in heaven singing and praising God will be
the fulfillment of all we were created for.  And to let
us listen for free when many of us would otherwise not
have the money to enjoy this "heavenly-sent-talent" of your artists,
is truly something God will reward you for... What greater use of
our talents and time can we give.
  (Maureen, from Virginia)

Wow! That's all I can say! 
I was looking for songs for children and also
for our church for worship and I ran across your site. I
am the Pastor of a small community church...  I work
another part time job... all I can do is cry as I am listening to
your music. I need to get ready for work but I just can't seem to
pull myself away from your site. There is so much anointing on
these songs and I am sitting in the presence of the Lord as I listen to
I can't express how very grateful  I am to
the Lord and to you for this site...

  (one week later)  
We have started a children's worship team and they did a song from
your site last night at church and will do another one this Sunday. I
will be incorporating songs from your site in our adult worship also. 

  (Pastor Sharon, from Indiana)

Such a great site, a breath of fresh air. Your lyrics and melodies are beautiful, the kids from our church love to sing them. We have been so busy setting the clubs up that we haven't had the chance to write our own stuff, so your sheet music has been fab for us. You have also inspired us to get writing again!!!   Thank you (Sam, from England)

I have found your music wonderful and refreshing.  
Our church uses several New Hope songs in our corporate worship 
(including "You Are Awesome God!!).  In spite of our medium size - 
about 375 - we don't have a lot of musical talent.  So I find the audio files especially helpful for teaching the songs.
  (Pastor Mike, from Michigan)

Very glad to find this page. I've just accepted the Lord into my life &
all these songs would surely enhance my faith towards the Mighty One

(Choo, from England)

I just want to tell you that your songs touched my heart... 
you are a tool in God's hands !  My husband is a pastor here in Romania... 
I would like to try to translate (your songs) in our language and use them 
to sing with our youth...  Thank you for your heart for God and 
for allowing us to use your music in worship....
  (Dana, from Romania)

I just wanted to let you know that I just LOVE your site & your music!!!  It's definitely TOPS in my book of Christian songs.  I will be using the song "You Gave Us Hope" at our Christmas Eve service at church & will play guitar & sing it. 

Thanks again for (using) your music to spread the news of the Lord around the world!  Oh,  I also learned "Center of My Soul" and performed it as a solo at church -- another pretty song.  

I'm sure I'll be looking to your site to find more beautiful music... to sing in church,
nursing homes, & senior centers.  I don't read music;  I can't tell you 
how helpful it is to be able to hear the melody & to also have the guitar chords for the songs!
(Linda, from New York)

What a beautiful, wonderful site!!  I was on a quest to find a song listed in the Christmas program our church...  During that search I came upon your site, and have not been able to get another thing done this evening.  I have been captivated by the wonderful songs and music, and I think I have found a couple of songs that we might be able to use instead of the one I am not able to find.

But, the best thing that has happened to me during my time on your site, is a blessing to my soul.  Your love for our Father radiates from these pages.  My frazzled nerves from a hectic life were calmed, and I was gently reminded
Who is the center of my soul.  What a time of refreshing!   Thank you.   

(Dana, from Arkansas)

This is the most wonderful site.  
I was looking for a song that my children use to sing when 
I came upon this place and I couldn't leave.  Thank you so much for this 
and for allowing others to use your music to worship the Lord our God. 
Your generosity is amazing, but then that is what we are 
when we are children of God. 
(Jeannie, from Texas)

I'm not a fan of most contemporary music, preferring to wait until the good stuff establishes itself as future classics.  I believe many of your pieces will survive this process and still be sung 50 or more years from now.  
(Lars, from Pennsylvania)

"I have shared some of your music with our choir,
made up of mostly youth from our parish.  Thank you.
Your music inspires and brings new hope to all of us..."
(Bertha,  from Gambia)

I love your music.  Simple, but you can tell what beauty is there, 
(a) true sense of worship.  The melodies are so memorable and stay with you. 

(Angela, from New York)

Words just can’t express how I feel when I visit your site and 
listen to the music.  Last Sunday, when we met at the Church, 
I was telling all my group members about the wonderful songs 
that you provide on your site
and asked them to visit to it.

In fact, last night my husband and I were listening to your music and were
trying to learn the tunes so that we could teach the others.  I am sure this
Holy Week we will draw the entire congregation closer to our Lord... 
What really excites me is that I have come to know about your web site during
this season of Lent, a time when we have to prepare a lot of singing for
the different services.  (Pamela, from India)

After years of frustration trying to keep up with everybody's 
likes and dislikes, I stumbled on to this website Sunday Morning...  

I felt guilty using the computer knowing that I had to prepare my heart 
for a worship service - but last night I cried out in desperation to God 
asking Him to show me the path for our worship ministry. 
My husband was over at the church... and I home with the children feeling 
so dry and frustrated with pressure to "perform" for some people.

I began rejoicing immediately as the song ("Center Of My Soul") began to play and I felt the anointing of God all over me guiding me into what I call "true worship".

The words and music are pure - from the throne of God and from a 
heart & vessel that is humble and desires to please God.
(Linda,  from New Hampshire)

I am very impressed with your lyrics.  I find expressions of a pe but has truths of God's word concerning salvation being vocalized.
I know you get a lot of e-mails concerning your music.....
but, in our day of so much "gospel", contemporary Christian, etc. music,
it is exceptional to hear music from the heart
motivated by knowledge of God's word ...
not because it sounds good and will bring popularity, income, etc.
Your music is real "soul" music!

(J. Owen)

"While browsing looking for midi files... I found the
song you wrote
"How Awesome Is This Place".
What a BLESSING.   I sat and worshipped the Lord for some time
just listening to your midi.  It is a truly anointed song."

(Claudette,  from Alabama)

Dear Ralph...  The children loved singing "He Shall Be Called".

My goal for our Christmas program was to demonstrate a variety of ways children could perform songs, and to introduce new songs for our Sunday School children....  Because our group was small, attendance was not regular at our practices, we used a lot of songs, and I wanted the children to have lots of confidence so they would sing loudly, I typed and enlarged the lyrics to most of the songs (not "He Shall Be Called", they knew that one too well)...
I also sent your site to a friend who directs a children's choir in her church...
the children loved singing your music
and their performance went well. 

(Cindy,  from Florida)

Read the full letter from Cindy

"I can't get that song ("Search Me Oh God") out of my head...
got it playing continually right now...  I woke up with it on my mind
I would like to show it to the song leader at church  to see if we could sing it..."
(email from Patti)

I am the choir leader of a senior and junior choir at a small church in Bishop Lavis, Cape Town, South Africa.  I have used some of your songs (including "Search Me Oh God")  with the junior choir and they love it to bits to say the least.

"I was listening to 'Splendor and Majesty',
and it has awakened something deep and spiritual inside of me.
I am definitely going to get my junior choir to do it...
I'm excited to get started with a masterpiece such as (this)."

(Liz, from South Africa)

See new pictures of Liz and her choirs!!!

We have been singing your song (Center Of My Soul) for a couple of weeks...
the people really like it a lot...  We have added 2 flute parts, and the piano is no
longer "basic"....  I hope we have not gone too far with your creation!
We have taken a little liberty with some of your timing also,
our singers just "fell into" it and I can't seem to get them back to the original...
We recorded it last week ...   It is on our favorites list now.

This song was on radio station WDAS in Philadelphia
When the choir sang the song for the first time at our
daytime rehearsal, everyone loved it!  The woman who first heard it on the radio has a severe case of cancer and is undergoing extensive treatment now...
so one of the first copies we make will be for her to listen to...

UPDATE:  Your song has touched all of us here in Browns Mills.
I told you about Evelina... she suffers from cancer and is fighting for her life.  
Your song has been her inspiration.
We made a tape for her and she plays it whenever she is undergoing treatments, 
or recuperating, plus in the car, and during moments of quiet.  
If no one else ever benefits from it, you have success with Evelina.  
It has given her strength to go on.

(Ebba,  from New Jersey)

"I really enjoyed 'The God Of Jerusalem'... 
I am looking for some up-beat praise and worship songs
for a recording I intend to do".
Judith, from Kentucky)

 I cannot thank you enough for sharing such beautiful songs with us.
My husband and I direct the cherub choir at our church (ages 4-7).
It is sometimes very difficult to find songs that are timely to our
worship services and also fun and easy for the kids to sing.
We have currently selected "Center of My Soul"  ...
the children love it and truly appreciate its beauty.
I am sure that we will refer to this site often.
Thank you very much for sharing your gifts
with us and the whole world. 
(Laura, from Pennsylvania)

The kids are currently doing Splendor and Majesty,
Center of My Soul, and Face To Face (by Elton Smith). 
I will only be making use of your music for now,
because it is so right for young people and so full of anointing
that I find I cannot use some other music for the time being.
I am thinking of compiling a Cantata with your songs.

1.How Awesome Is This Place
2. He Shall Be Called
3. You Are Awesome God!!
4. Bless The Lord (Calypso)
5. Heavens And Earth
6. I Will Go
7. Search Me O God
8. Hosanna (It's Jesus!)

(Liz, from South Africa)

Bishop Lavis, Cape Town, South Africa

I am about to start a new position of Music Director...  
your songs would be excellent for our congregation. 
I'm going to start out with 

"Bless the Lord (Calypso)", which is fun, "Center Of My Soul", to which I am adding more rhythm to the standard arrangement;  "Holy, Holy, Holy", which I will play with lots of movement, like a dance.  
I am playing, "How Precious is Your Love" in a more meditative vein--
I think it is QUITE beautiful; I really do.  I cherish that one !

Thank you for being so generous in sharing your work.  I look forward to
sharing it with my new and my old congregations, and I will keep you posted
on the results.  I have no doubt they will relate well to your songs and
will enjoy them... the songs I have downloaded are easily singable.

(Karen, from Indiana)

We have been practicing "He Shall Be Called" for our upcoming Christmas program.  I found your music on the internet and I love it!  Thank you for using and sharing the gifts our Lord has blessed you with !!!

I have been sharing your music and website with others too.  A young man 
that just started college this year is planning on singing  "The Baby Of Bethlehem"  when he comes home at Christmas time also.

(Janet, from Ohio)

I am a young Sunday school teacher of 20 in India and I've been searching for two years for a site that would offer me free songs in Real Audio and MIDIs with words.  I just prayed to God this Saturday, "Lord show me an unselfish site which would not ask me any $$$$ for downloading music for their ministry, - AMEN ". Miracle, I got your site...  I got all the songs downloaded in my computer. Tears started flowing in my eyes when I first saw your website and the background music "Center Of My Soul"...  Ralph's audio broke my heart. I praised God that there are still Christians like First Century Christians to
share the Gospel and do ministry freely as how God gave us Salvation freely. 

(Daniel,  from India)

I can barely see through my tears of healing to type this note. I am
listening to the music from your site  and 
"Peace I Give To You"  is very
powerful just now.  "...with open hands and grateful heart, I receive..."
Please pass along my thanks to the songwriter and to the artist and 
let them know that they are being used by God.

(Karen,  grieving over the recent death of  her husband)

I want to personally thank you for helping both Karen and I through the power and grace of your music. You were there for Karen during a
critical period after the death of her husband....  Karen would send me e-mails and phone me, letting me know how her spirit was comforted
by your music.  Having listened to your songs over and over again, I can see why your God-breathed thoughts comforted her in her time of greatest need.

You have a special gifting of God to touch souls, who have become battle weary or just need a good shot of brotherly love.

Of all your songs, I confess that "Have You Ever Heard...?" is my favorite.  
It breaks me out in uproarious laughter every time I hear it.  :)

Another special song is "Come to Me". I envision myself resting in the security of God's arms of love. I see a thirsty baby coming to its mother's breasts for warmth and protection from the raging storms of life.

Each song contains within it golden nuggets of meaning that I savor like when I eat the chocolate with the cherry center in it. Your music was never intended to be devoured, but rather enjoyed like a fine wine...

Your music has that special quality that takes it out of the realm of
ordinary to God-soaked. It is evident it is bathed with prayer, and
God's spirit working within you.

I would encourage you to continue sharing your gift with others.
Being a writer myself, I can appreciate how lonely it can be.
Sometimes, you can feel isolated or like you are in a barren wasteland of
nothingness, just trying to find your way home again.

Your music can bring a person home again to the person God intended
when the individual was created. That is a rare gift.

(Kevin,  from Canada)

I was browsing and came across your site.   I was blessed greatly... 
and so pleased to discover the songs were available for us to use. 
I have downloaded "In The Splendor Of Your Courts"
'How Precious Is Your Love'
, "Center Of My Soul" 
and  the wonderful 'Search Me Oh God'

We are going to practice them this week. We will be leading worship again
on 4th May and hope to be able to use a couple of your songs then. 

(Kay,  from Scotland)

The "Hospital Choir" of the Greater Grace Church  
in the yard of the war veteran's home (Helsinki, Finland)

Greetings from Helsinki.  Marja and I have translated
two more of your songs to Finnish.
We added a couple of  verses to the song...
"In Every Single Situation"
...  words like wisdom, whispering
His advice, mercy and sufficient grace.   But I think 
this song is lovely and full of comfort
even though it is a fast song.

We also added a second verse to "You Are My Shepherd" saying... 
"He is your Shepherd"...   We go to hospitals and
old people´s homes to sing there  and we think it is good to direct the song
also to the listeners so the words come more personal to them.

We have been singing "To The Rock"  many times, once in the church
meeting and many times in the hospitals.  This song is one of our favorites...
it has a sweet anointing as we sing it
.  We made a live recording with three microphones in the meeting... the quality is not very good, but if
you like, we'll send you a CD soon...  

 (Lea, from Finland)

"The other night I couldn't sleep and the song ( "When I Am Afraid" )
was in my mind... I went to your web site to listen to the MP3...

I was amazed to find all the stuff from South Africa.
I listened to the choir and kids singing your music, and tears
came to my eyes - they're coming again now!

You have a mighty ministry, brother, and you know that
God is in it by the way He's taking it to the
oddest corners of the earth to bless fellow believers who we
will never meet this side of heaven.
There is no way that anyone could make that happen, no
matter how hard you tried, it's got to be the Lord"

(Dave, from Pennsylvania)

My dear brother Ralph...Isn't our Father wonderful!
Your music is a source of great strength to me and
those of like spirit.
I post the link continually to your songs....
they speak of our Father with great depth. I trust the anointing
which breaks every fetter will continue to well up within you and those whose lives you touch. Our Father bathes Himself in the chords of heaven.
As His Presence radiates into our lives, He strikes chords that compliment
what He is saying and doing. His richest blessing be upon you and yours,
In His glorious love and grace  

(David, from kingdomlife.com)

I preached on Sunday past at my Salvation Army Corps.
The corps officers were on furlough so the congregation
managed the service.

Kevin (wonderful tenor voice) sang
"I Will Walk" as
special music, accompanied by a pianist. ... one of the
worship team said that your beautiful song will be heard often
in our corps... Your music blessed the congregation
and God was exalted.

Kevin asked the congregation to sing the last verse
with him as a group testimony to God and they did,
in very humbled and moved voices.
Your song settled my nerves and re-focused me upon our
Master in the moments before I stood to preach His Word. 

When (I get) married, in the Lord's time, 
"I Will Walk" will probably be our recessional song.   
 I have taken it as my motto...

(Karen, from Canada)

THANK YOU!!    It is pleasure to listen to your music. 
I was looking for songs for my Sunday School class...
these sound very interesting.
"Hallelujah, Jesus is Lord" is a catchy tune... 
I fell in love with your songs.  I sing some of them during
devotion services.  I am a Sunday School teacher
and deaconess in a Baptist Church
I use "Center Of My Soul"... it is truly beautiful.  Also
"Abba Father", "Bringing The Presence Of Jesus",
"Holy, Holy, Holy" and  "Open My Eyes".

(Cora,  from Massachusetts)

The Easter service was really great; 
we sang
"Hallelujah, Jesus is Lord", "Center Of My Soul" 
and  "How Awesome Is This Place"...

I have been telling everybody about how I happened to find
your site and the lovely music one can find there for all
situations in life.  We were also in charge of
setting up the Altar of Repose and it was beautiful... 
while in prayer, "Search Me O God" was sung.  

Your songs have helped us to be united with the Lord
in a very special way.

(Pamela, from India)

What a joy it is to serve the Lord this morning 
as we worship Him with several of your songs. 
"Now Our God"  will be perfect for Thanksgiving 
as we endeavor to help the Body of Christ to focus on the 
"good" things in life that their God has made possible! 
Also "Thine, O Lord" and "In The Splendor Of Your Courts"
and our favorite greeting song (everybody goes around for a good 
five minutes to greet each other) "Bless The Lord (Calypso)"
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your ministry.

(Linda in New Hampshire)

"I enjoyed listening to the CD.  
You have written some fine songs...

Ralph, the Lord has given you great talent 
and the opportunity to use that talent for Him. 
I pray He will guide and bless in all aspects of
your ministry as you proceed.

I appreciate your friendship.   Sincerely,  

John W. Peterson"

Visit John's Web Site


Last Sunday I taught "Bless the Lord (Calypso)"...
to our youth fellowship and they broke
into to laughter the way it is sung.  It was real fun in the Lord. 

Yesterday I found one beautiful song "Rest in Me" by
Ms. Julie. It was sung just for me... I was in total distress
denying the peace of God for the past week due to
heavy pressure in the education field... " Rest in Me" 
was a straight conversation between God and me.
It was like God speaking to me face to face, telling
me that His plans for me are holy and just...
 that he still loves me despite my shortcoming. 
I downloaded the MP3, and I am going to share
this song with my fellow youths. I  am back to God again....

I have made up a cassette of all the songs that are available
 in New Hope Music and a New Hope Music
Song Book for my Youth Fellowship, which I will be
distributing with weeks time. 

(Daniel,  from India)

Thank you for the use of your music for personal music ministry. 

We were able to persuade a very talented guitar player
 to help us out and record a background track for us and
I sang as part of a set I did for 
a bandstand church service in the summer of 2003. 
It went over very well and it was an awesome
worship time for me as well. 

God bless you and your ministry!   (Michelle)

Your songs are very praiseful and touch my heart.   
When I heard "Center of my Soul" it really touched me. 
Thanks that I found your web so I can download songs 
that can be use in our prayer meeting....and thank you 
for all the freebies that are ready for duplication 
so I can share it with my friends to sing.  Mabuhay!!!  

(Jennifer,  from the Philippines)

I am overwhelmed by your music and would like
to share them with my family and choir.
The Hymn
"Search Me O God" has really touched my heart.

Its been one week now since I found your site
and visit it at least thrice a day.
(Pamela, from India)

WOW!!! Just stumbled across your beautiful website whilst looking for 
Easter music on 'Google' and needless to say I didn't get any further!

I've been sitting here for the last 3hrs checking out all the wonderful music, 
it's awesome and truly inspiring.  I've had a wonderfully uplifting Easter weekend...  and this has just topped it off nicely.

Thank you so much to all concerned. Keep up the good work, 

(Diane, from

I've been blessed to do the worship for our lady's
Bible Study...  In August, a young lady's retreat is being planned 
in which I would like to use the song "By the Mercies of God"  
because the theme verse is Romans 12:1,2.

The Lord had led me to your site and I was able to use 
"Center of My Soul" and "You Are Awesome God!!".  
It was fun and a blessing to me and the women at the study.
(Barbara,  from New York)

I have been edified and blessed by your collection of songs and hymns.
They have tremendously helped me... to walk confidently and boldly 
in my journey of faith in OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST.
I was actually led to this website by Divine aid; it was about 2 months 
after I was saved and being one that loved to sing (I was in the choir in 
my early years - 36 years ago), I found myself frustrated because 
I did not know most of the songs ... So one Saturday, I decided to 
surf the web for gospel songs...then I found you." 

(Nonso,  from Canada)

Hi, I just want to let you know that I just LOVE your site.  
I recently started playing guitar & singing for nursing homes
& senior centers in my area & am always looking for
a new song or two to bring to the folks. 

I REALLY like the "Center of My Soul" song & was
wondering by any chance if you knew guitar chords
for that one.  I have a long way to go as far as learning
to play guitar, but I'm getting there! 

Thanks for any info you can give & for such
a beautiful worthwhile site!

(Linda, in an email)

... thank you all very much for your hard work!!! 
I have introduced one of your songs (
"Center of My Soul")
to our Church... I want to introduce 2 more as well. 
It is so difficult to find songs today with peaceful melodies... 
Please keep up the good work for our Lord Jesus Christ. 
(email from Glenn)

I visited about three years ago, after my husband died.
The music here was one of the few things that helped
me to remember that God is present no matter what it looks like. 

The songs have helped me to worship during long
stretches when I was unable to worship in a local
congregation, both then and now. 
The songs keep me rooted solidly in what I know
to be true about God but sometimes is
 hard to remember. (When you're up to
your rear in alligators...!) 

Thank you so much for the music. It makes such a
difference in my life; it's fuel for the race. I'm back
 for a fill-up. May God richly bless you 
for being so faithful to Him.

(Karen, from Canada)


Thanks to all who have written... 
Your words will be an encouragement to visitors.
We look forward to hearing from others !!!